Legal graffiti wall in Prague, Czech Republic


2 long walls along a parking lot & Tesnov street

100% legal, best to go on the weekend as painting on a weekday depends on the amount of cars in the carpark. very good spot.

This wall is legal ONLY ON WEEKENDS. It (is)/USED TO BE Hall of fame..

Its possible to paint there on the weekdays, too, but there are parking some cars...

Just a heads up, legal is up to the discretion of the cops. How do I know? 17 hrs in custody, firehose and a fair amount if slapping around. Then to top it off $1000 Cnd "tip" to get released.

This wall is for local writters. Please keep out this hall of fame if you dont know how to cross someone else piece or you want to paint just little bit. Your pieces will be imediatly crossed.

If you planing to do any king of street art.. don't come..This is graffiti wall for local writers...they don't like if tourist paint over them.

Prague's WALL OF FAME. Weekends are safe. Locals only.

Legal wall go during the weekends. It's a legal wall but locals prefer to keep the burners. So if you go don't cross something that you cant do better.

Top wall👌🏻

Painting on wenesday at 11 am and no problem

No more legal.

You have to have a permittion to paint there. One guy got kicked for to paint over a local writer. Not a safe place !!!

I‘ve been there a week ago. The guy in the graffiti shop told me it‘s legal, and even local writers said so...was painting for hours and locals were there too-no problems

Still legal. I asked a local writer and one of the graffiti shops. Just pay respect to the locals and dont paint close to any cars in the parking lot. Dont paint over anything that you dont know how to cross and you should be fine.

Vor gut 2 Wochen sehr entspannt gemalt, Samstag Vormittag bis Mittag, mit einem Blick die Lage sondieren und los geht's, habe keine Probleme dort gehabt, freundliche Menschen die grüßen und Bilder machen. Ein top. Verstehe nicht im Ansatz warum eine öffentliche Hall of Fame nur für einheimische Künstler freigegeben ist, Graffiti verbindet und ist Grenzenlos. Vielfalt statt Einfalt

Just painted it in the day no issues its still fully legal and locals are sweet

Yeah you need perms to paint now guys

Been here today. Asked the guy from the parking spot if it was oke to paint and it was all good.

Painted it today for several hours in front of carpark guy; all good 🙏🏼🇭🇲

Painted yesterday, no problems.

Safe place to paint

Is this wall still safe to paint?