Cheyenne Legal Wall

Legal graffiti wall in Cheyenne, United States


Cheyenne Skatepark/Brimmer Park Search those for exact directions. Or you can get directions to East High School since it's across the street from Brimmer park and the Cheyenne Skate Park. The side streets in the park arent appearing, heck the park itself isnt appearing but it's there. Satellite view works better. I've never been hassled. I've come during the day when school is in, during those times there are cops sometimes around but no one ever hassled us. It's better in summer evenings. Wall is as long as a boxcar and a half, about 8 feet tall or so. If your coming or passin through hit us up on email wandering [at] unitedalone [dot] com

Still safe cant wait to go after the horrible winter

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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