Legal graffiti wall in Paris, France


Free Wall

Not too much space, but enough for 3-4 pieces. There are people passing by, but no one bothers you, they may take some pictures. Quite chill, but literally in the middle of the city.

Visited twice in 2015. Pretty sure it's not officially legal, but tolerated. Loads of tourists. Don't expect your piece to last long. Subject to destruction at some point in the future.

April 2016, still safe. Many tourists and writers going over constantly

January 2017, still safe

2017, just painted and the cafe is 100% good with it. Not officially a public legal wall but a permission wall. Cops walked past without saying a thing

Painted here a few hours with a friend, people walked around, taking pictures and talking a bit to us, was pretty cool. Didn't see cops but the place seems safe and allowed.

Asked the waiter at the bistro next to it, said it was ok to paint.

Still safe , I saw cops and soldier of army walk in the streets but they did'nt say anything about it

J'ai vu un mec peindre de jour, à 7h du soir, sans être dérangé / I saw a guy paint by day, at 7 pm, without being disturbed.

From UK visiting paris, this is a good and relaxed place to paint. No problem at all! Street art tour came around and took pictures.

2024 and it’s still allowed and very chill to paint here

Is this wall still safe to paint?