Welland Mobile Legal Wall

Legal graffiti wall in Peterborough, United Kingdom


- 3 metal sheeted sides of a building, pure flat walls. Approx 80ft long alltogether. - Best ways to get there frank perkins parkway/ paston parkway, look for normanton road off belvoir way on welland estate. - 15/20min drive from peterborough A1 services.

10 minute drive from peterborough A1M services. lock your cars and dont leave anything on display, roughneck neighbourhood. if you paint in warm/sunny conditions, be advised that emulsion will be steaming and touch dry within 5 seconds. In summer surface is very hot to touch, the sun is constantly on your back all day till it sets. great place to drop burners, dont give the local kids any lip as they'll skank your paint and prob'ly stab you.

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