5 Pointz

Legal graffiti wall in Queens, United States


5 Pointz is a hall of fame in Long Island City, Queens which is curated by Meres One. The walls painted on the building are all done with a permit after a review of the artists work and proper placement by Meres. The placement is decided on by the quality of the work, the time the artist is willing to spend on it will also determine the amount of time it will last. MeresOne@aol.com. The future of 5 Pointz is undetermined at this time but our goal is to one day establish a museum in this location based on what we do and the artists that have been impacting this culture since the 1970's. In case you want to visit 5 Pointz contact MeresOne@aol.com. 5 Pointz is located on Jackson Ave. & Davis Street (23 St.) in Long Island City, Queens, NY, across from MOMA’s PS-1 museum. By Subway train: 7 train to 45th Rd - Court House Square. E, or V train to 23rd St. & Ely Ave. G train to Long Island City - Court Square. Official Website: 5ptz.com

Here is an interview with meresone talking about 5pointz youtube.com/watch?v=qigu07tadVg

check out this documentary. vimeo.com/33334707

The owner white washed the building and sold it. It's a sad sad day in graffiti. licpost.com/2013/11/19/owner-of-5-pointz-i-whitewashed-the-building-to-stop-the-torture



It was sold

It’s been sold and converted

Is this wall still safe to paint?