Loxley abandoned site (Hepworth Refractories)

Legal graffiti wall in Loxley, United Kingdom

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not a wall but an abandoned refractories site which has been taken over graff writers /artists, if you go down Storr's Bridge Lane from Loxley Road on the left there is a small out building with some graff in, then when you get to the bottom walk up a small path and you'll find a gap in the metal fencing around the site and that's your way, lots of walls and no one around to bother you. Also if you go back the way you came in and walk towards the fishery the abandoned buildings you see on your left and right are both accessible and spots for graffiti as well. As well as this if you come in from the Loxley Trail there is another part of the same abandoend site with lots of graff / graff art on which is another quiet spot for writers / artists. Overall an amazing spot but a bit off the beaten track.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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