Legal graffiti wall in London, United Kingdom


multiple walls, part of an underground skate spot

The walls are well sheltered form elements! Roof over your head guarantees good painting conditions whatever the weather. The spot is hit heavily by visiting writers. Loads of tourists here too but they are usually just curious and very polite.

Expect passersby to take photos of you here!

get your shit pushed in here if you dare...

noisy with all the skaters skating, and make sure you get a picture straight after painting because it will be gone within 5 minutes.

I'm not sure if it has an address since it is not a building. It's under the waterloo bridge which you should find.

This is a very good spot, in a good area of london just full of sk8er's(its not a purpose built sk8 park just flat bank's) you won't get robbed unless your a wasteman its a well nice area of london so dont listen to others people here! if you go you should go early in the morning nobody will be around there's loads of old bill (police) about so hold the weed down a bit. its known as southbank. i sk8ted and painted here for years and never had a problem its a busy place and full of tourist! but normally just walking pased.

It is a legal spot paint there early and there's a coffee shop nearby, yeaaheh

hey im from australia, keen to paint a spot like this if anybody is keen hav a look on peace

Its A goood place to paintt not as many wirters go there now but you may meeet a few , your piece iff decent will lasst for few days - week , and to the commment below your POSTERS aint wanted it only fuks writers off so take a hintt , you do get a load of photographerss but they soon noe where to goo if u tell em lool , peoplee dont really care about you going over old piecess

NO LONGER LEGAL. Please read our article (with picture).

Spoke to a copper, said if you painted there you wouldnt get arrested or anything, so the police still see it as legal.

Walked by yesterday. Everything as described: Busy place, shitty quality. I don't know if it's really legal though. What I'd like to add is that there are security cameras all over.

pretty sure its still legal, even yesterday been there painting saw security and police walking around and not a problem. i actually work at southbank so i see writers painting there almost everyday specially on weekends and never seen anyone having any problem whatsoever its actually a big attraction among tourists. yeah theres cctv but i guess even graffiti writers and skaters need "protection"....

Love this place one question do people getting stuck up if someone uses stencils as I use stencils. I have my reasons for this and they are my own but if I'm going to get issuses from people I wont bother painting.

100% legal. TaKe mZ--

bring freinds preferably a few because if your on you ones and not known the liklehood is you will get jacked or atleast constantly have little chavy toys who cant paint for shit asking if they can do a dub with your tins "cus youve got bare like". Go to fleet street less dickheads hanging around!

Legal Walls 29/12/2011

Well worth going to! beware of people skating and you'll most likely be in other peoples photos as well, a lot of people go. Amazing graffiti there though!

Southbank is not legal anymore, be warned? undercover feds all over the place and how do I know this coz they arrested me as soon as I sprayed I was swarmed by them

Yes it is legal I went there a week ago

Painted here in october 2012 for about 4 hours, people, tourists went by, photographed me and stuff... there are cctv cameras watching the place but I had no problem at all so it really is legal. A very nice place looking at the Thames. Bikers and skateboarders are annoying and loud but they respect you and let you work. Also it's covered so rain should not be a problem. Most of the works are toy stuff or tags so if you have a nice stylish color piece you'll have no problem finding space.

Thanks for helping to make this article possible Peter and Lisa Shoreditch, London Santa Cruz, California

When people leave hate without a name :( Painting southbank is fine, you never get any bother from anyone except annoying tourists or kids that are trying to act like they're all-city gangster writers. It's nice to paint there on a sunday afternoon or other relaxing time of the week. Obit

I painted here today, I asked some police man and they said no problem, the skaters where fine too.. It was fun

still legal

ive painted this place plenty of times in the last year and never had problems. nothing lasts there though

Its the perfect wall on which to paint. The numerous tourists and scaters arent a problem. A painting will be painted over within a day.

it is not legal anymore

Painted here loads last few weeks no hassle at all from old bill walking past

100% fine to paint!

Painted today, legal,noisey all of the above, take a speaker n pump your choice of beats to drown out tourists asking where the aquarium is

painted a week ago, please don't paint on the floor as it distracts the skaters

Great spot, friendly people, skater have a good chat, youll get people passing by asking to take pics of you painting. And definitley a legal spot, police officer came over and chatted with me whilst i was painting and even asked to have a go!

wait thats illegal

painted this spot a few times, rly chill n the police ive met there dont rly care. lots of tourists tho n they take plenty of photo

I heard its still legal, got to go there, its will be a fun day of painting

i was swarmed by cops that was undercover and i was arrested on the spot

i went here and police officers as well as southbank staff saw me and there were no issues

Safe and sound lads

Completely legal ignore the naysayers

Is this wall still safe to paint?