Venice Beach

Legal graffiti wall in Los Angeles, United States


on the beach, 3 big walls with 2 other small walls for bombing. driving is the best way to get there unless you are near u can bike or skate.

yeah i was there on the 31 of last month!

yea you need a permit thats lame i remember when we could just go an paint. the goverment its fucking everything up


They give ANYBODY who shows up a permit to paint here. And your piece won't even be up for a day. So you show up at 10am, get a permit, paint, finish and pack up around Noon. Then not even 2-3 hours later someone will get a permit and go over you. Then early the next morning someone will paint over them. Its just how it is. No enough wall space and too many random people showing up everyday.

You can apply at - or just get one on site which is much easier.

No permit needed. Just show up and paint

The reason why a permit is needed so that your piece can last at least a week and that there are no problems of any kind. I don't mind the permit system. The only thing is that, the last time I painted there back in 2012, one can only paint there during the weekends but there is a curator on the spot so getting a permit is easy!

Safe :) @zenrla




Is this wall still safe to paint?

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