Murs art en liberté !

Legal graffiti wall in Castanet-Tolosan, France

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The city of Castanet-Tolosan has created three walls for street art, completely free. The goal is the enable artistic creation to be expressed outside of the walls of a gallery and to democratize the access to culture. And especially, to create an open air galley. These walls are available for artists to express themselves through different kinds of art (graffiti, collage, poems, drawings etc.). No permit is needed for painting on these walls, it is required to respect some basic rules. If you want, you can inform the city hall that you will be painting, sending an mail at For more info : There are 3 walls measuring around 3 meters (horizontal) and 2 meters (vertical). The best way to get there would be public transportation (bus L6 from Ramonville) or personal car (there is a parking spot nearby).

Is this wall still safe to paint?