Legal graffiti wall in Winterthur, Switzerland


Winterthur is about 15 minutes from Zurich by train. The main wall has about 600qm. There is also a second wall which has about 200qm. The location is the venue for the Meeting of Styles in Switzerland.

MOS rocks!! The location is correct.

Couldn't find it, been right there at Scheideggstrasse. Maybe not visible from the street? Plz give more exact description and I check it out once more.

The marker is correct, it's at the end / beginning of Scheideggstrasse cornering Kronaustrasse. Can't miss it if you go there by train, by car, coming off St. Gallerstrasse turn into Grüzefeldstrasse and then turn again into Kronaustrasse. Free parking space available on Scheideggstrasse. The huge wall is awesome and you don't wanna cross it, but there's an abandonded building and a (temporarily) wooden construction site fence for plenty of additional space to paint on.

lovely and peacefull wall.

that are my few hours of joy there

The big wall is reserved for the Meeting of Styles and private property. Only the youth center can be painted legally.


Is this wall still safe to paint?