2853 Grant Ave Legal Street Art Wall

Legal graffiti wall in Ogden, United States


Approx. 14.5’ H x 42’ W, this legal wall has been donated by Richards Sign Company for you to hone your skills and keep the tradition of hand painting large scale art alive. It is open to all artists, professional or first time painters. The only requirements are that you follow a few basic rules which are posted on the wall. No additional permits are required, just obey the local noise and light restriction ordinances as the commercial building is in a neighborhood. The south facing wall is part of a working sign shop and runs the full length of their private alleyway. Street parking is available on Grant Ave. It is recommend that you paint during daylight hours, but the wall is open 24/7. Please note, the rest of the 2853 building and the surrounding buildings are not open to paint, just the posted wall.

I am the owner of the 2853 Grant Ave., Ogden, Utah open wall. It is still open and safe to paint the south facing wall (i.e. the one with the rules attached to it). Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at our email address: contact@richardssign.com

Great wall, lots of space, definitely recommend it, only problem is that its really hidden, so not many people will find it if it weren't for this website

Great wall, but if you want some space, bring a ladder. Lots of stuff near the bottom of the wall, but some spots you could squeeze in at the top

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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