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Gainesville Legal Wall

Legal graffiti wall in Gainesville, United States


pretty high wall, very long, and chill. no problems ever.

The wall is not located around 37th St. but in fact located on SW 34th St between SW 20th Ave and Newberry Road. As to the other comment... The wall is nice if you want a chill spot to piece, but be aware of how many college students go here to paint huge happy birthday/marry me/I love so and so/go to this show/this party/blah blah blah/my frat rulez sew hard dewd/whatever messages, and often times drunks wander here and use scrap cans found in the garbage to destroy the best thing they can find on the wall. Bring a camera and if you are a real writer the city has some wonderfully not-so-legal spots to hit. Keep it real, not half gangster like Mr.As-A-Tagger here.

Dont bother with this wall. The cops often watch the wall and take photos of the people and pieces going up. thats how they nabbed a bunch of guys recently. they found the youngest and he ratted out the rest of the guys to get his shit reduced. also its a major waste of time/ paint/ money/, but if your want to, do like the other post mentioned take a camera. Seriously tho' don"t waste the paint on it. Go out vandalize Gainesville instead, your taking a chance on getting busted anyway....

Updated the marker on the map, thanks!

Just painted the wall and took my time .. if u like to paint and ur passing by it’s a good spot to hit real quick.. it’s a buff so I would not waste too much paint.. several cops passed while I was painting and didn’t even look in my direction

Went there 21/08-18. Asked a local, its still legal, but not so chil, theres a, big road just behind it. But nice foto with palm in front

I live in Gainesville. There is a mural dedicated to 5 victims of a killing spree back in 1991 that cannot be painted on. Other than that, the rest is all free game. FYI, it is ILLEGAL, this wall is just not enforced. However, be a dick, and a cop can still arrest you. I don't recommend wasting paint on it, though. It's the equivalent of an office bulletin board.

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