Graffiti/Spirit Rocks

Legal graffiti wall in Richardson, United States

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Three (small) boulders that are open to being painted. They're not super easy to paint on, since they're tiny and sit right on the ground, but they *are* a legal spot to paint if you're willing to put up with those challenges. The main rock is somewhat triangular in shape, and is about 4 or 5 feet tall and 4 feet across at the base. The two smaller rocks are about 6 feet long but only about 2 feet tall (they're rectangular prisms, essentially). Parking is available on a pay-to-park basis at the nearby visitor's center, or in the pay-to-park spaces in the library parking lot. As far as I'm aware, no permit is required, though there are some restrictions on the type of content that can be put up (essentially, no slurs/bigotry or anything openly obscene).

Is this wall still safe to paint?