Legal graffiti wall in Nøtterøy, Norway


2 Waterhouses. Both is about 100m in diameter x 25 m in heigth. Tønsberg city-follow the road towards Nøtterøy over the city bridge-keep staigth forward for about 2km until you reach a Shell petrol station-Turn left after it-Then you reached Grindstuveien, follow it to the bitter end past the soccer fields on your rigth side-then a sharp rigth turn- and there you have it!!(or you contact me,and i`ll show you) You could risk getting into some trouble whitout the permission.

Cool spot in the norwegian woods. Mostly positive feedback from bypassers. Never had any trouble regarding the permit. Peace

Nice hangtime up in the woods, same same, never any hassle. You could even risk getting a coup of coffee by some bypassers, watch out for the walls behind the tank, it seems like they are evaporating. Sum sum, nice walls,nice place and a annual graffiti jam, couldt ask for more.

Super cool spot up in the woods of Norways oldest town. Seems like the tank it hit quite often and the productions are often very tigth by many respective writers. Even seen Kay, Airone and Yazo from THP Italy some years ago. And as mentioned, an annual graffiti jam. Never been there, but heard alot about it. Bjoern.

Rest In Peace. Just a grey ghost left of it.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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