Maastrichtboulevard, Maastricht, Maastricht (Limbu

Legal graffiti wall in Maastricht, Netherlands


It's directly beside the coffe-shop-boat missisipi. Simply go to the left along the waters. after 100 metern you already see the graffs. Pay attention for tickets on your car on the parkplace before it! have a lot of fun.

yeah ive seen this myself got sum fliks if i hadve known it was legal definately wudve pieced go 4 a smoke then paint all legal perfect gutted

It is legal ONLY at the waterside.. The rest is NOT legal!

Illegal since first august

Still good! Bring some beers and enjoy!

i think its legal

It's still legal. It's a Hall of Fame location (legal spots in the Netherlands). If you're there anyway, you might wan to check out Landbouwbelang, they throw some awesome parties there.

Still safe, see lot's of guys painting here

Painted here 3 days ago

This wall is still legal. A perfect spot next to the water and a coffeeshop. Clean your trash if you come paint

still legal

Is this wall still safe to paint?