Legal graffiti wall in Ostermundigen, Switzerland


From Bern: Take the Bus no. 10 to "Ostermundigen". Go out at the station "Wegmühlegässli" and take the next road on your right. The wall is very long, and the best places are near the youth centre. If you go further along the road you'll reach a stone pit. Cou can go paint there too.

Wall has been knocked down.

Letzte Legale Wand ist mit Neusiedlungen überbaut worden. HALL OF FAME würde abgerissen und zerstört!

Theres still a smaller wall on the right side of the road next to the „Hangar“ wich is save an legal. (About 50m of wall.)

Correct spot is 46°57'13.5"N 7°29'51.9"E uphill to the place here. You can check out the Wall on Google street view. Take your cans home. Near the forest with quiet ambience. On some days there walking many people by. In my case all were friendly and nice.

there ist a sign that you can Spray

still legal and calm. the walls are not that high and have a pretty rough surface. but works.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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