Officina Abbandonata

Legal graffiti wall in San Stino di Livenza, Italy


Complesso abbastanza grande con tanti muri sol quale scrivere Ci sono due entrate: una a cui si accede dalla strada e una a cui si accede dal retro del complesso Credo sia legale scrivere in quel complesso perche e abbandonato da un pezzo e c'e qualche graffito ma starei comunque attento perche li vicino ce una casa e magari da fastidio ai vicini.

Translation of the above: Fairly large complex with many walls. There are two entrances: one that is accessed from the street and one that is accessed from the back of the complex. It's tolerated to paint in this abandoned complex, but I would still be careful because there is a house next door and maybe it bothers the neighbors. The back rooms are dirty and there is broken glass.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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