Lubber Run tunnel

Legal graffiti wall in Arlington, United States


on the trail next to the lubber run community center there’s a tunnel entrance. the tunnel is very dark and water reaches up to 3 inches. the front is mostly long standing pieces you shouldn’t paint over. lots of big names from the dmv have pieces here. otherwise the tunnel is very long and offers lots of practice space. the inside of the tunnel has not once in my memory been painted over (except for the outside portion). bring a flashlight and boots, defenitly a great spot for anybody who wants to practice.

Noticed its called the lubber run tunnel here. more commonly known as the "NK tunnel" by locals. if you are willing to trudge through the water and get to the back of the tunnel, it opens up into a wooded forest area accessible by trails. totally secluded back there and its where the best pieces are. i actually painted back there today using a headlamp to make my way through as it can get pretty dark in the middle of the tunnel.

Is this wall still safe to paint?