Legal graffiti wall in Berlin, Germany


good place to paint legal, about 250 meters surrounded by one berlins nicest parks to chill...


defetly illigal - even when it shoult be legal. Join the discussion - act up to make it legal..!

Its illegal.. Heard of many who has been arrested...

Get your facts straight people!! If you e-mail and ask them, they will tell you that the wall facing ths stadium is ILLEGAL but the wall facing the park is LEGAL. So, you can paint legally at Mauerpark but only on the wall facing the park. It`s a very nice & chill wall and i painted there myself last week.

it`s a legal wall have paint there day time it`s a good wall

Ich war letzten Sommer dort, habe nur ein kleines Bild gemalt da ich mir über die Legalität halt nicht im klaren war. Wurde auch gesehen aber das war nicht weiter tragisch wie es den Anschein gemacht hat...

is nich legal jeda turi denkt in berlin kann man legal malen illegal! itz illegal boys!

It is illegal. But a lot of people still paint there in daytime.

Its legal at the end of 2013. Sure!

Just done it - works well... It says: The wall facing the park is LEGAL! So don't worry, just paint ;)

people paint every day, the website also still says it's legal.

It is safe Watch out here

We've been there 2 days in a row. Both sprayed something, took all the time in the world. Alot of people where there spraying too. Pretty sure it's alright. The park is kinda crappy tho, Trash everywhere, everythings dead.

Safe Painted today. Two policemen just walk there, didn't say anything

Seguro e legal pintei la com um amigo e sem problemas

Still safe with a lot of locals, good jam today

Was there yesterday during the day and plenty of people painting.

Still safe i saw people paint today

Completely legal, good vibes and you will probably see other writers paint along. Make sure to finish at sunlight, the park gets sketchy at night.

painted there 3 times now, totally legal.

Just went there to check, lot's of people painting without any problem. Good wall

All right, legal, it says so on their website. Legal, laut der webseite: Die „Hinterlandmauer“ an den Schaukeln ist Teil der ehemaligen „Berliner Mauer“, die Berlin getrennt hat. Sie ist rechtlich ein Denkmal. Der kreative Umgang mit unserer Geschichte passt jedoch gut zum Geist des Mauerparks, deshalb ist hier Graffiti von der Parkseite aus gestattet.

To many tourists and toys, waste of paint! Nothing compare to the 90's and 00's! It's a shame!

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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