le mur ordoner

Legal graffiti wall in Paris, France


du franprix de marcadet jusqu'au pont sncf

legal mais pourri par des gros blocs en chrome de graff thugs... autant rester chez soi que de risquer sa peau là bas!!

+ ou - légal oui... mais c'est clair que celui qui tente de repasser les énormes blockleters des plus gros crews de paname (ASC, 3DT, CKT, TPK,...) risque vite de se faire casser les bras !!

if you guys wanna come in paris to paint some burners, I guess it's not the right spot. if I translate the first response, it goes a little something like this: "more or less legal yes...but don't try to get over the huge blockletters of the biggest crews in paris (ASC, 3DT, CKT, TPK,...) cuz' you risk a good old arm breaking!" saw the walls myself, the pieces are like 5 meters high and no free space between the blocks.

confirmed live 10/2008

It is legal, however the cats in the area think that they "own" the wall and no one else can paint it.

C'est Ok ! en plus c'est pres de polymex :D It's Ok ! And its near a cans shop :D

Good wall, yes there are some huge silvers/block letters from the biggest crews but also some smaller spots up to 15 mtrs. which are nice to paint.

Bon mur, mais comme vous avez dit ne repassez pas les grands block letters Good wall, but as it has been mentioned, don't toy the blockletters

Was there in 2014 and the wall still exists. A lot of nice pieces to be seen there..... Check: globalgraffitiburners.com to see the pieces.

Comme répété de nombreuses fois au dessus ne surtout pas repasser les CREW ASC, 3DT , TPK , CDC ces grandeurs vont vous déchiqueter ! mais sinon très bon mur pour s entrainer

Need permission from crews that won't give you permission :) cheers

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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