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Legal graffiti wall in Ede, Netherlands


A big overpass close to the train tracks and next to a cycle path (So no car's). It's a big wall with a nice clean flat survive. And it's sheltered from the rain. The wall is around 50M wide and around 8M high. You can get there by car, bike, skateboard etc. You can just go there and paint. Pls keep in mind that you are allowed to paint on oen side so not behind the train track fence.

This is a new legal spot in Ede! It's roofed so you can work around all year if needed. Please make sure to remove your used spraycans and caps when leaving. No trashcan on the spot. For more info: gelderlander.nl/ede/ede-heeft-nu-een-vrijplaats-om-graffiti-te-spuiten-als-je-snel-weg-moet-zijn-kun-je-nooit-iets-moois-achterlaten~a95353a2 Or: edestad.nl/lokaal/kunst/692466/eerste-creatieve-vrijplaats-van-ede-geopend info: info@astrant-ede.nl

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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