Poppies Lane 1 + 2

Legal graffiti wall in Kuta, Indonesia

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A set of alleys inc everyting between Poppies 1 + 2 - not strictly a HoF but alot of pieces done over the years with permission, possibly the first area of graff in Bali.. Go down there, chat with the shop owners and get permission. Otherwise go to the skate park (ask about or find it on the net) and get permission. Paint wise ask a kid on a motorbike to take you to a paint shop and buy Nipporex or get a taxi to ACE hardware (search for location on the net) which is right next to the skate park. Only thing they sell is Krylon but much more expensive than Nipporex and not much better. Arfadailey@graffiti.net

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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