Ratingen Ost Wall of Fame RTG

Legal graffiti wall in Ratingen, Germany


It is a the side of ths bridge that crosses the tracks. It is curved but the concrete is very good to paint on. The wall is next to a "Wasserrückhaltebecken" so there is a fence maybe 2 meters away from the wall. as a result it is hard to take photos and it is not possible to step back to get a better overview. Also there are many pedestrians passing by. The S-Bahn station Ratingen Ost is directly next to it. There are enough Trash bins so there is no need to leave your empty cans

Seit dem 03.07.2021 Legalisiert. Immer entspannt dort zu malen. Dosen kann man auch dort in die vorhanden Mülleimer entsorgen.

entspannter Spot. Allerdings nicht viel Platz.

Ist entspannt zu sprayen, nur wenig Menschen Verkehr beim malen.

Legal, with a sign that confirms this location

Legal wall. Official! You can paint there but please don’t leave your garbage there. In case if the place will ruined by empty cans and garbage maybe the walls will be not legal anymore.

Was there yesterday. Nice Location and Safe to paint.

still there

Is this wall still safe to paint?