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Blind Walls Gallery - Wall Spot

Legal graffiti wall in Breda, Netherlands


4 concrete walls: 16x2,5m each in between MotMot Gallery and Brack Beer Construction. Initiated by Blind Walls Gallery. Access via Wall Spot app.

Only accessible during Mot Mot Gallery opening hours

Its illegal

It's legal but officially you have to register at the wallspot app before painting. You can enter true motmot gallery or the Cafe Brack. There is also a bridge from the skatepark which is often closed btw. Best is to look for the opening times from Brack. There some pretty Kool old buildings that screams for painting. But it's a no go! They will close the hof if you paint on them so behave :)

its legal but its closed for a time because of the closing of the bar brack

Is this wall still safe to paint?