Bridge by Wettingen, Switzerland

Legal graffiti wall in Neuenhof, Switzerland


The lower deck of this bridge is for pedestrians and bikers (no cars) and open to graffiti artists along the entire length. There is tons of room and no hassling. The best way to get there is using public transport - Train Station Wettingen and then walk 5 minutes in the direction of Neuenhof. For examples of work here see and click on the gallery for Wettingen.

Couldn't find it. You mean the bridge right at the SBB? There are two possible spots with great potential but all the graff around the train station has been buffed, doesn't look very graff friendly.

Alright, alright, found it. Walking direction Neuenhof is the key. Tremendous long wall, awesome stuff!

see picture of graffiti in baden and near on

when on the train from zürich HB to wettingen you'll see it on the left when the train goes over the river right before the wettingen's not by the sbb building. 10 min walk from the platform..

I live nearby - still up!

Safe to paint, cops passing every summerevening, so wach out if you smoke some weed

I was there and the cops said nothing. It is safe

Still safe, high qualiti of graff! If you go paint, be respectful, lot of oldschoolers and good guys to give you tips and andvise or just to have a talk

Still Safe

Yeah you can go anytime you want and paint nobody is gonna say anything

Still safe. It is covered, good in rainy weather. Lots of traffic, you have to be careful not to get run over by a bike

The wall is still legal. There is a sign. But there are many bikers and people who walk there

Still one of the most iconic Halls of Switzerland. Many features, close to station, light at night and intense scenery on high bridge. Best setting.

Is this wall still safe to paint?