graffiti steegje

Legal graffiti wall in Gent, Belgium


The wall is pretty big, about 50 meter i guess, it's even on both sides of the street.

This wall is pretty poor for anything other than dubs or a quick piece because its an narrow alley so hard to stand back to get photo's. One small bit opens out with room for about 3 decent size pieces. However its a great location, right in the centre of town so if you're just visiting and with the girlfriend or friends that don't paint you can slap something up quick without a long trek to the suburbs. Also very chilled / safe.

Indeed, a great spot. But toys don't know their place. Also, Ghent gives their tourists cans without telling them something about respect. What happens? Your piece gets tagged up with me+you shit. Other than that, it's great to jam around, you have a graffitishop around the corner and a McDonalds too ;D

Still ok in 2017

still OK

still a perfect spot!

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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