Legal graffiti wall in Speyer, Germany


Its a wall in the middle of a playground area. The wall is about 7.5 meters long and you can paint it from the front aswell as from the back. But you need to pay attention to the kids, cause ones my cans nearly got stolen. Please do yourself a roller background to keep the place nice. Paint with respect. Suone

The wall is still save, but please paint only over pieces, that look like there is a less amount of time in them as you would like to spend on yours. Maybe tell some parents of the Kids that the wall is legal, some may not know it. (happend to me) Please dont let almost empty cans at the ground, kids use it to "tag" over good pieces. Greetings, Chug :)

Still safe, some Kids came with theyre Parents and I showed them some things. Im toy greetings

Is this wall still safe to paint?