Legal graffiti wall in San Diego, United States


a place with alot of walls to paint on

no permit needed.......just bring ur own paint

No permit needed, just show up with a id. Make sure if your going over some one your shits better. Thats it in a nut shell. Respect

Open Mon-Friday 9AM-5PM Paint available for purchase on site. Call (619) 263-4914 for info.

Painted there a few days ago. Nice walls located behind a small shop where you can also buy paint. The owner opened the gates at about 10am for me. Address is: 5010 Market Street

Writerz Blok is a great place funded by local donations. There's a hierarchy as far as where to paint, but the beginner's wall is ready for all talent levels. Just ask someone who works there what's up and they'll explain the setup. Paint there isn't too expensive and people are friendly enough, just say what's up and be cool. Get more info at their website: writerzblok.com Donate some money if you appreciate what they're doing!

Is this wall still safe to paint?