Tavernes Blanques

Legal graffiti wall in Bonrepòs i Mirambell, Spain


It is in the water ditches just next to the area tavernes blanques. Easiest way to get there, is to take the bus from outside one of the big shoppingmalls in downtown valencia. Or just take a taxi it costs around 12 euro from the center of the city. When you cross a brigdge thats when you are there, it`s just down below. The wall is close to 1 kilometers on each side long. realy big and high. Real great. recommend stacking up on drinks and food since it is a little walk to get more supplies.

This is a really great fame, one of the coolest spots I´ve ever seen - but it´s not entirely legal. It´s a typical Spanish fame in the way that the police really won´t be bothered catching you if you paint there, probably mostly because it´s such a mess getting down to the actual spot. But on one occassion we´ve encountered police on top of the fame whistling and telling us to stop painting (which we didn´t), but who knows what happens on a bad day.

i painted there like 2 weeks ago and it was fine,nothing happend we where there like 2 hours.

Very dope spot! Painted there today but not sure if it's 100% legal. However I did a full color piece on the middle of the day and in full sight of all traffic and all went fine...One of the coolest spots to paint!

Bien et en plus rencontre avec des graffeurs locaux!

I´ve been painting there for 4 years dope spot

Painted there two Days at the Weekend - no problems. Many people see us, so I'm pretty sure its legal. The most beautiful legal Spot I've ever was, definitely worth a visit

beautiful graffiti location with giant straight walls. was there in broad daylight, many people and even cops saw us, but no problem.

Is this wall still safe to paint?