Legal graffiti wall in Wheelers Hill, Australia


decent size. make sure to email monash gallery of art before you paint though. mga.org.au

Hello - I'm an MGA staff member and just wanted to point out that the 'City of Monash' (who governs MGA) has a no-tolerance policy for Graffiti, however, as a Gallery we have no problems with people using the space, please send us through an email to mga@monash.vic.gov.au to let us know - partly so we can help you out with 'permission' should their be any problems and also because we like to go and have a look! A note also to say that the area where the wall is located is surrounded by residential housing and is directly opposite the wheelers hill pub, though surrounded by big pine trees - visibility is quite high. thanks, Stephanie Acting Education & Public Programs Coordinator Monash Gallery of Art

Heya Stephanie here again- 8 years later. Unfortunately in the past 12 months, the wall was damaged by a combination of weather and people to the point it fell over. At this stage there are no plans to rebuild. There are no longer any legal sites at or near MGA. cheers

Is this wall still safe to paint?

Have a photo of this wall?

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