Fauna D.I.Y.

Legal graffiti wall in Hamburg, Germany

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Skate and graffiti location with a ramp and a bowl beneith a closed autobahn bridge. The place is managed by "Viva con Crete". The autobahn is supposed to be demolished at the end of January 2021 (including the bridge) and new housing and park sections are planned (gentrification). As of January, 22nd 2021 the space is still accessible and in use. Spraying is tolerated. Very little traffic. Just a few people driving from or to their garden plot nearby. Haven't had any problems so far. Spraying in broad daylight is rather safe. Walls (bridge pillars) approx. 2m high and 10m wide at most. Easy to find coming from the Veddel train station on foot or by bike.

Is this wall still safe to paint?