Rotterdam Prinsepark

Legal graffiti wall in Rotterdam, Netherlands


Legal wall placed by the gov. in a sort of suburb. park thingy.. 2 sides.. both about 20 meters

miles out of the city and is only just 6 feet high, to be honest, rotterdam doesnt have any legal walls elsewhere so this is as good as it gets, good for a fun afternoon out but wouldnt get too excited about it.

Was there in 2014 to take pictures. Everything's still there as described in 2007. Nothing fancy but quiet and nice. Shot some nice pieces.

2016 - still good. nice small wall and a skatepark next to it which is completely painted. spent the whole day painting there with no problems it seems.

Such a chill vibe. Perfect to practise your skill and for beginners!

Legal last time someone called the cops they said it is legal

Good vibe with good people in Rotterdam. A lot of good art and thxx for all the beer that a get from the boys who were working there from graffitifun I found them later on internet also to contact about graffiti locations in the neighboorhood Rotterdam

Is this wall still safe to paint?