Nicolina Legal Wall

Legal graffiti wall in Iași, Romania

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170m long wall, 2.3m tall. The buss statin is 20m away from the wall. You can get there using busses 47, 44, 28. It is also 10 min walking distance away from Nicolina Train Station There is a set of rules on a plaque mounted on the wall. 1. Date your piece; 2. Don’t go over paintings which are less than 2 weeks old; 3. Make sure that your painting covers the whole piece you went over; 4. No profanity, pejorative or discriminatory terms or symbols allowed; 5. Respect other artist’s work. No crossing, no dissing. 6. If you use spray paint, keep a minimum of 3 meters from parked cars. 7. Keep the place clean! 8. The wall facing the main street (and LIDL) is destined for complex and complete pieces, the longer one, facing Oxygen can also be used for practicing. You should not be needing a permit.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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