Shooting Range

Legal graffiti wall in Bristol, United Kingdom


watch out for vietcong, ray mears and boats playing techno disco music. its all a matter of survival.

Great spot, in an abandonned police shooting range, access is along the walking path by the river (which runs alongside a trainline). After a while there will periodically be a couple of small tunnel footpaths under the tracks that open out into the woods - the third or fourth one of these has gates, peer through and you'll see the walls in teh distance set against the cliff face of the gorge... you should be able to work out how to get in.. AD

looks a good spot... spoke with few portishead writers who suggest its a cracker for graff..... will arrange a recon scout out of area... once behind enemy lines will report back to hq... sargent 5OR5E "OLE" "DBZ" "KT5" "TUB" squadz over & out...

I think writers in England have a loose definition of the word 'legal' you risk arrest if you paint many of the English spots listed on here. simply visiting 'Shooting Range' is trespassing - a civil offence likely to result in a fine. be wary of any entries that don't have confirmations!

Not a legal spot, but one that would never be visited by the police.

Lots of good spots down here. Access to the shooting range is no longer so easy as the gates locked. Take a bike its a long walk

This is def not a legal wall but you'd be pretty safe to paint here all day with no probs.

Is this wall still safe to paint?