Art Wall Park

Legal graffiti wall in New Ulm, United States


Art Wall Park where graffiti is allowed, it's along the bike path, and you don't need a permit or to pay or anything. There's a buildng with a wall on it and a sign on the building that says Art Wall Park. There's also a tunnel just farther down the bike path that is also filled with graffiti.

Graffiti is definitely perfectly legal here. Basically there is a big white building covered in graffiti with a sign saying Art Wall Park, and there are walls extending out from either side of the building that you can spray paint on as well. There is a bike path that runs right next to it, and if you follow the bike path just a bit further you'll go through a tunnel that has a bunch of graffiti as well. Generally I do see a lot of graffiti on the actual path itself where it runs in front/through the Art Wall Park as well so that's probably fine too. There is generally a ton of graffiti, so there isn't usually a whole lot of white space left to paint on so you will probably have to cover up somebody's stuff. But because it is a legal wall, a lot of it is just kids trying out spray paint just because they can so I don't really feel too bad about covering up some random low effort scribbles.

Is this wall still safe to paint?