Legal Wall Schweinfurt since 2020

Legal graffiti wall in Schweinfurt, Germany


Nice Wall, with bricks but still a smooth Surface. The Wall is under a bridge, about 2.5m high and 30m long. You have the same Wall on the other side of the street. No need for a permission. The best was total get there is by bike or by car. On weekends u could look for a parking lot in the Geschwister-Scholl-Straße. From there its only a 5min walk.

i was told of this wall by a local canshop and they told me that a local artist organised this wall for the graff-community in schweinfurt. nice to paint there.

Das ist ein Tunnel/Brücke in/unter der man sprayen kann, diese ist zwar schon voll aber man könnte dennoch etwas drüber sprühen.

I',m a graffiti Artist from Schweinfurt and this is the best wall you can Spray in Schweinfurt. There are some boards (1 meter high and aboout2 meters bright) you can spray but this is the ony one which gets the name Hall of Fame it's most. About 2,5 meters high and like the post before about 30 meters long. Come and paint nice Walls, all people here will appreciate it :)

Is this wall still safe to paint?