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End Of The Line Project

Legal graffiti wall in London, United Kingdom


"The End Of The Line is a new project happening right now in East London. Last year [2006] four tube train shells were hoisted on to the tracks of the discontinued East London line and turned into studios and a legal wall. All bridges surrounding it were removed. It is an island of graffiti." More information:

At the moment, there are like no more legal walls in London. (Hackney is going through a "crackdown") The one out near Chrome and Black, beside brick lane aint legal no more. There is no sign to say it on any of them, and its just a sneaky way to boost their arrest rates and catch writers. Plain clothed BTP going around taking photos of your face while your doing the piece, then stopping you with "have you got permission". Either you get nicked or an £80 fine. Watch out

The SAW (Shoreditch Art Wall) on Great Eastern Street has seen some great artwork - like the late Pete Postlethwaite movie "Killing Bono" - the movies of the painting can be seen at: Thanks, Peter

Peace and Harmony Politics at the Olympics is also featuring on a Shoreditch Wall. July 12 saw the unveiling of Lord Michael Bates "Walk for Truce" mural and August 28th will see a 'Plight of the Handicapped' mural in time for the Paralympics. Olympic mural: Paralympic mural: Jack Haslehurst's "Peace and Harmony London 2012" flag an be seen at: Come have a look, Peter

Wall being torn down this year and mostly used for commercial murals.

this spot should be removed from the website, its now an advertisement for this company who only paint art murals, all the walls here are illegal and done by prearranged artists. what a damn shame,

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