Hall of Fame Wuppertal

Legal graffiti wall in Wuppertal, Germany


A bridge that led over a former railway line and is now part of a large route that runs through the whole of Wuppertal, so access is relatively easy since you can simply cross the route. But if you want to get there by bus or car, you can get there via an access which is paved and right next to the gas station there. The wall is about 70m long and up to 5m high. At the left end it flattens after the tunnel until it sinks into the ground (the last 15m approximately). Note that you have to be very good to spray there. The wall is "reserved" for the really good sprayers. The normal rules of the Code of Honor apply there. An approval is not required. Have fun

its legal

K√ľnstler bei der Arbeit am 3.11.2021. Artists at work on October the 2nd 2021... 360.haifischbar.de/panoramen/beispiele/graffitihalloffame/index.html

Is this wall still safe to paint?