Krog street tunnel

Legal graffiti wall in Atlanta, United States


Krog street tunnel is an underpass over by a bar called estoria, if I remember correctly but it's open to the public and people paint freely there every day

I see people painting there, and the police say nothing

just checked it out a couple days ago. i’m from dc and was there a couple days ago. lots of bums like to hang out here so maybe a little sketchy in that regard but they diddnt bother me. i diddnt have any paint on me but was able to walk around and check it out. defenitly safe to paint at and would recommend it to anyone in the area.

very fun to paint, but there are a lot of people there during the day.

Awesome spot! Totally legal, safe and surrounded by great food and people

legal? yes. but your stuff will get crossed the next day. I painted a piece at 7am and got crossed by 5pm. they won't cross unless you are a graff legend in atl. it's cool to mess around tho.

Is this wall still safe to paint?