Legal graffiti wall in Sondrio, Italy


its a huge big abandoned construction. its NOT legal actually, but its very chill... in 8 years i never had a problem. be aware of security, dont make too much noise and everything will be allright! u gotta follow the position mark and enter from the back. go all the way around. cheers! (im spotting this because there are no legal walls in this city or even nearby... if someone asks you what you doin just tell em u dont want to vandalize the city. and u a good guy painting on a structure that will be soon demolished. this worked just fine the very few time the locals spotted me. hit me up if u want! i might be around

The guys there didn't like when we painted, but its safe. About 1 year ago, I painted 2 full pieces. The police was there but they didn't say anything 🤩🤩

Is this wall still safe to paint?