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Stoke Park

Legal graffiti wall in Guildford, United Kingdom


another day another skate park! this one has some good walls for one or two persons. Guildford has decent rail links with London - a South West Trains service from Waterloo to London Road (Guildford) takes 30 minutes.

Guildford skatepark is fairly small, with one nice big wall to paint and then a few smaller walls, but being small its proper chill, no rush to paint and your stuff will last for weeks

dont think this is actually legal like many walls in the south of england!

no, i can 100% guarantee that its definitely legal, i paint there regularly and the public and passing police come over all the time to chat and say they like the graffiti

It doesn't always last for weeks. You can do an amazing piece of work the some asshole kids come along and destroy it by putting thier tag on it. Like this one time, I saw a couple of guys just doing thier art, went back a few days later and it had been tagged all over the shot.

Went there today. Has been knocked down, to be replaced with a new concrete structure according to the Not sure when though Shame :(

the giuldford skatepark will be back and open next year august I THINK so its a long time to wait :) But its gunna be double the size of the original skatepark

New Skate park now open, NOT LEGAL!! (called up the number on the gov website, the park is no longer legal)

not legal anymore, and there is no where to paint anyway the whole park is concrete sunk into the ground. not like last time on the back of the halfpipe etc now there is nowhere to paint even if it was legal

We really really need a new wall in Guildford we need to write to the council

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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