Withington Pumping Station

Legal graffiti wall in Manchester, United Kingdom


quiet spot tucked away in chorlton. withington pumping station might not be its official name (who cares) but thats what the flickr groupies are going with: flickr.com/groups/691325@N22/pool

Not legal. Locals and PCSO's have generally been cool with it, but I don't know about real police.

Not legal. Locals and PCSO's have generally been cool about it, but it isn't legal.

this spot is mad chilled, not legal though. the dog walkers who go past are always chatty n smiling and arn't arsed at all about you paintin, as long as you take your empty tins/spare emulsion/litter with you 'sall good. have fun.

yer i must agree its not legal but the locals dont mind u painting there

Painted there without any problems. The walls were coverd with new pieces dating from 2017 and 2018. Take your litter with you.

still cool there, please dont litter there!

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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