Living Walls - Growing Graffiti

Legal graffiti wall in Marion, United States

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We are a hydroponic farm committed to growing great produce in under-served communities and to seeing street art flourish. On the exterior walls of our grow sites we make space available for anyone to hit our buildings legally so that the world can see how bad ass you really are. We are making two walls available on our Marion, Indiana grow site for free expression. These walls are located on the alley side of the building and are marked as "legal". If you have existing art and want to do a large project, contact Sophie at the email below and send her some pictures of your art. The walls consist of about 250 linear feet and are about 12 feet high. To get to the walls, turn right in the alley just past the building and you will see where the walls begin. No permit needed. Take pictures and tag #growinggraffiti on Instagram.

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