Betzdorf Graffiti Hall

Legal graffiti wall in Betzdorf, Germany

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The wall streches out over ca. 200m with a height of 2m - 5m. Surface is highly absorbing and you should apply some primer. It's located next to a pedestrian/bike path with low traffic most of the time. Most of the people are friendly. It's rarely possible to bump into other writers. The train-station is within walking distance. A parkingspot is located on the opposite side of the river. You need a permit to paint on the wall, which you can get for free in the townhall/citymarketing during the opening hours. They don't ask any questions but want you to read some basic rules (no hate, no littering). the perit lasts for 1 year. +Art with some quality will stay there for years. +On hot days the river and wind are cooling down the place. On a rainy day some parts are covered by the upper bridge. -Groups of cyclists on road bikes can be annoying. A high-visibility jacket helps.

Is this wall still safe to paint?