Jugendkunstschule Legales Grafittiatelier

Legal graffiti wall in Ibbenbüren, Germany


3 Walls 1 pretty big 10meters ish and the others 5m ish You can go there by car and there is a parking slot next to it you don't need a permission. Here you can see all Walls: youtube.com/watch?v=wL5BIaFyONE

The skatepark, where the walls were located, gets renovated. The Walls will be rebuild in Spring 2022 Der Skatepark, in dem sich die Wände befunden haben, wird renoviert. Die Wände werden im Frühjahr 2022 wieder errichtet

Walls were rebuilt and are reopened. Not high, but the walls can be painted from both sides. In summer very busy from the skatepark and pump track. Many walkers. ibbenbueren.de/Bauen-und-Wohnen/Unsere-Dienstleistungen/Ein-Ergebnis-das-sich-sehen-lassen-kann.php?object=tx,3030.5&ModID=7&FID=3030.6046.1&NavID=3030.186.1

Nicht so hoch aber lang können von beiden Seiten benachteiligt werden es sind 2 Wände

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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