Legal graffiti wall in Berlin, Germany


check google earth panoramio

The wall is legal to paint BUT with a few rules that needs to be followed if you don't want to get in trouble. Painting is ONLY allowed on weekdays before 15:00. Painting on weekends or after 15:00 will result in a call to the police. It is just the wall inside the yellow complex next to the Priesterweg station that is legal to paint, NOT the lower wall to the right by the old rail track.

yeah indeed. i painted at Priesterweg 2 days ago. It is a very nice spot, and quiet. It's an old railfraight tunnel. I thought also that spraying was allowed only before 15 pm. So i did...and i was the only one...but after 15 pm other painters appeared, so it must be after 15 pm. Anyway, nobody stopped me...and i sprayed again a great piece...

Painted the wall today. Very chill place with good walls and enough space. Expect quite a few people to hang around there in the summer. The information below is not correct. Painting is allowed on weekdays between 3pm and dawn (not as stated before 3pm). Exit the train station in direction of Teltow, take a left and enter the park right from the passage. After the gate, take the first left and walk for ~150m until you reach the wall. There are more painted walls in the park which are not legal though. Just ask someone if you're not sure.

I painted there this week, nice and chill spot. Painting is allowed after 15pm and only on week days.

Really chill spot to paint. Only after 15pm and you have to pay 1 euro to enter the park

still safe, chill wall and enough space

Still safe

Pretty nice place to paint in the nature!

Is still safe Police never show up

park ranger asking for park entrance ticket, get ready for additional costs of 1 euro.

Only legal to paint from Monday to Saturday AFTER 3pm (15 Uhr), with 1€ entrance fee.

Very chill spot in the woods, the Parkwächter comes round on his bike and checks tickets (€1 entry), smoking is strictly prohibited when it's dry especially because the area is not easily accessible for the fire brigade. definitely legal:)

Nice legal wall, Entry Costs 1€ but you can just enter without a ticket at your own risk, from Monday to Saturday before 3 pm, The park opens at 9 am.

All chill, only there is a woman from the park that always drives her rounds with her bike and sends you out if you are under 14 years old

During the summer months, the place is besieged by a large number of graffiti enthusiasts. You'll meet young students, old-timers and families with young children.... 9/10.

Legal. Spraying allowed from 3 pm Mon-Sat until park closure, check the opening hours on the website

Is this wall still safe to paint?