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Legal graffiti wall in Honolulu, United States


Medium size, other walls next to it. Go through the park and find the stream. The walls are under the bridge.

It is a very cool wall in a cool location, Bring a towel shorts and some sandals, be prepared to get a little wet the spot is under a bridge to get there you have to walk through a stream with waters that are only about 3-5 inches, it is a fun walk, there is cool wildlife like tadpoles and frogs. There are multiple bridges to paint all close to each other in the same stream. The stream is called “Mānoa stream” to get in go through “Manoa Valley District Park” to find it look it up on google maps. To get your paint I recommend “Hawaiian Graphics” paint is very pricey everywhere even here cans can go up to $12 a pop.

Yea U.S.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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