Gibsons Curling rink

Legal graffiti wall in Gibsons, Canada


This wall was started in 1997 by Mentos and fester. It was opened to curb the graffiti problem in Gibsons around that time. “Gibsons used to be absolutely smashed. The whole town went into Vigilante mode and eventually gave up and legalized molly’s and the curling rink in order to curb the problem.” - Fester The wall is still open and is a fun, safe place to paint. the main section of the wall hasn't been touched since 2012 because some original crew members from Very Top Secret (VTS) painted it almost end to end. It would be nice to see some new writers get up on this legendary wall. If you would like to stay notified and up to date with this wall and learn more history check us out on instragram or read the bio on our website

legal wall that is in an amazing place to paint with other surrounding legal walls

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