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Wooden Waves

Legal graffiti wall in Newquay, United Kingdom


the backs of the ramps in Wooden Waves skate park are ok to paint. theres a few nice large surfaces. it is located in Trenance Leisure Park on Edgcumbe Avenue. due to its proximity to Waterworld and other family-oriented activities, there are rules: No alcohol, smoking or drugs. the skate park opens at 9am and closes at dusk, and the gates are closed when it rains (or if the ground is wet) in order to ensure the safety of the skaters. entry is free.

The skate park has been pulled down to make concrete waves which is a new skate park who are very quick and active on removing spray paint.

Some BS about paint making the surface unskateble the only concrete park where fun is discouraged.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

Have a photo of this wall?

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