Meadowbank Stadium

Legal graffiti wall in Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Construction site hoardings. STRICLY APPLICATION ONLY. The site has private security who need to be notified before anyone starts painting otherwise they can cause a problem. There are two sections: Area 1 on the left side next to the trees which has space for around 6 pieces, and area 2 on the right side which has room for around 4 pieces. Area 2 is a showcase area and the pieces/productions can only change once per month. To apply, you must contact Mainline graffiti shop. For area 2 - the showcase area - you must provide a sketch and description of your planned painting. Mainline, 319 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1NA

Respect the area/neighbourhood. Do not paint outside of the agreed areas. No littering/leaving cans etc.

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